REM is a series of two minicomics about a youth trapped within the oppressive structure of a hierarchical and precisely cruel society. Incompatible with the familiar but strangling restrictions of their home, Rem must venture into the deeper, darker wildlands on their own to discover not only what it means to avoid death, but also what it means to live. REM is available for purchase on here.

Below are a few assorted pages and details. 

Eik is a 52 page queer fantasy/adventure comic low on words and high on conflict. The diamond-shaped hero, Eik, struggles with identity within a society where meaning is determined through physical form. Ultimately, Eik must discover what it means to express their true identity when the world has placed them in a box of suffocating wrongness. Action, intrigue, existential angst. This tale of queer and trans survival is available for purchase here. 2013.

Below are some details and assorted pages.